Pantone is the printing process used when you need to print a specific color as accurately as possible, such as a corporate logo or school colors. It’s a standard color system called the Pantone Matching System. It uses prescribed and precise amounts of color mixes on ink to create the exact color desired. Even though there are some fluctuations in color due to the machines at different printers, it’s the closest you can get to a specific color you require.

CMYK stands for cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow, and black. You may be familiar with this process if you have ever had to replace the cartridges on your home or business inkjet printer. CMYK is usually the cheaper option (as opposed to Pantone) because printers can print more than one job on CMYK presses because the colors are universal. If Pantone colors are used, then a technician must prep the machine for the unique Pantone colors, so you must pay for the set-up time.

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